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Committed to raising the Condition of College and Career Readiness….

Sage Group America, Inc

Our campus-based and online consultant service offers curriculum content delivery solutions, and standardized test preparation to universities, school districts, and civic organizations, across the United States. Our close partnerships with ACT, Colleges, and Universities provide us with a unique insight on the Condition of College and Career Readiness of America’s High School Students. We currently work through the Department of Recruitment, Enrollment, and Schools of Certification within university campuses and in school districts failing to meet state and national standardized test requirements. We have a proven history of using the latest digital technology for webinars and online course offerings to help to increase the effectiveness and reach of our mission, resolving the dire condition of college and career readiness, especially for students in under-served communities. Our selective client list consist of a diverse community of learners spanning Louisiana (home), Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and all the way north to Illinois and Michigan. Each of our campus based and online programs operate as unique programs as we understand each client has diverse and individual needs. Our programs are often lead by local leadership, with SGA using its data driven methods to support instruct

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Henry C. Cotton

The founder of Sage Group America, Inc. currently serves as Chief Executive Officer and Director of Instructional Design. Henry is responsible for partnership development, program outreach, and Curriculum. Henry is an experienced test preparation instructor, who holds a degree in Pure Mathematics, has been teaching and developing test preparation classes since 1993. Over the years, he has helped thousands of students prepare for standardized tests. In addition to his professional attributes, such as electrical engineering, theology, and aviation, Mr. Cotton is currently the Mayor of Bastrop, Louisiana.

D'Juan Thomas

A veteran SGA member, serving as Director of Language Arts Literacy., D’Juan is responsible for raising our students Language Arts proficiency. Mr. Thomas brings his sharp critical thinking skills, diverse education, and standardized test experience to give students the steps and confidence to think logically; express ideas; participate meaningfully in spoken, written, and nonverbal communications; formulate and answer questions; and search for, organize, evaluate, and apply information. He currently provides Professional Development for Secondary, and Undergraduate Teachers.

Diane Daniels-Adoma

As Marketing Director, Diane is the primary contact for Sage Group America, Inc. for our Atlanta partners. Her duties include program management, course logistics, campus and community research, event coordination, and assisting with marketing initiative

Brenda Grover, Science Instruction

Instructional Technology Initiatives

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